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So you have a blog you want to monetize with advertising. What’s the first thing you do? Check out Google


Bitcoin Advertising

Adsense and a few halfway decent affiliate programs, right? These options can be decent if you can get the traffic, though the problem with Adsense is that I’ve heard horror stories about publishers getting ripped off when Google finds reasons to take back your money right when you’re about to get a payout. That’s not a good way to do business when you’re an independent blogger who just wants to pay the bills. Fortunately, there are alternatives that include Anonymous Ads, the advertising site that pays you in Bitcoin for advertising space on your blog.

The thing to note about Anonymous Ads is that it’s not a PPC or PPM advertising scheme. Your earnings come strictly from agreeing to provide advertising space for advertisers that get through your filters. I allow gambling sites but not NSFW and Shady ads, so my earnings probably aren’t as high as they could be. I don’t bash it, though, because my 300X250 Anonymous Ads box by itself has outperformed both Bidvertiser and Project Wonderful on the same site.

Actually creating an ad box is pretty simple. Click on Earn at the top of the main page and it gives you a drop-down menu. Click on “Create Ad Box.” You can choose whether you want to put in your site or just have an anonymous ad, plug in your URL, decide which category of sites you don’t want to display ads for (I usually just do NSFW and Shady), choose an ad size, and plug in your Bitcoin address. Click on “Create Ad Unit” and copy-and-paste the code over to the sidebar, header or footer on your blog. Then make sure you write down your ad box number so you can find it again. I’ve found a few ad boxes that I suspect have been abandoned by forgetful owners simply by mistyping a single digit while checking the progress of my own boxes.

It’s pretty easy, really. You could just put a few ad boxes in discreet locations on your site and then forget they exist. Then when you start getting random small payments in your Bitcoin wallet like I do pretty much daily, you’ll know it’s not coming from any faucet. This isn’t going to make me rich, but it’s passive income that I don’t really have to do anything special for. I especially like that the advertising is not especially annoying. I’ve been to those sites that have those CoinURL redirects, too, so I know how irritating that can be. I haven’t seen a video ad on any site that has Anonymous Ads yet. This means you don’t lose the visitors who get frustrated by having advertising shoved into their faces all the time when all they want is to find that answer they probably plugged a search phrase into Google for. That means more impressions and possibly clicks for the advertisers and more Bitcoin for you. Come to think of it, it’s probably about time I replaced those Project Wonderful ads with Anonymous Ads.

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  1. mary says:

    anonymous ads are great,but sometimes there are not advertisers and you win 0.

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