Dish Network to Accept Bitcoin

Dish Network has announced that it is planning to accept Bitcoin for its services soon, marking it as the largest company to do so. The goal has been to take Bitcoin mainstream, and Dish Network is one of the most mainstream companies there are, which will undoubtedly help bridge the gap between those that are already involved with Bitcoin and those that are interested but are fearful of not being able to utilize their coins for anything useful.

Dish Network Accepting Bitcoins

Dish Network Accepting Bitcoins

Bernie Han, Dish’s executive vice president stated, “We always want to deliver choice and convenience for our customers and that includes the method they use to pay their bills.” This may also lead to changes like accepting altcoins in the future (like the ever popular Dogecoin), though there have been no statements on this yet.

Looming Problems?

A problem with Dish starting to accept Bitcoin is that there is no statement as to how many of the coins they plan to hold and how many they are going to throw back out on to the market to cash in. One of the things Bitcoiners fear is that companies that just flip the coins back around for fiat will only drop the price, since they will be trying to sell them as soon as possible so they can ensure they are not losing money by accepting the coins. While this is likely true, it is also worth noting that creating more liquidity and volume will be healthier for the economy.

Over time, the price of Bitcoin should end up stabilizing; what is happening right now is not as important as the future when it comes to its price, since it is still in its infancy and even small news (or large, in this case) can cause massive sways both up and down. In any case, I believe that this new development is going to be a great thing for Bitcoin. Now we just need DirecTV and cable companies to start jumping on board!

Source: Dish Network to Accept Bitcoin

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