Bitcoin Price Prediction August 2014 Through March 2015

After conducting a small amount of chart analysis of the Bitcoin price on Bitstamp since 2012 I’ve found a few trends that the Bitcoin price tends to follow.

  1. The first trend is that each Bitcoin price spike rises very quickly and then flattens out over a period of 214 days, creating the new base price.
  2. The second trend is that once the new base is established at the end of the 214 day period, there is a new price spike that occurs within the next 31-59 days, creating the new bubble price, and then flattens out to create the new base price per the first rule.
  3. After each bubble the price per Bitcoin continues to grow at a percentage far greater than the one before it.

Now looking at the first Bitcoin price increase (I will now call these “Bitcoin Booms”) the new stable price grew by 56.6%. After the second Bitcoin Boom the new stable price increased by 135%. After the third Bitcoin Boom the price grew by 289% and the final Bitcoin Boom, which is coming to a close, the price has increased by 387%.

Bitcoin in general received a LOT of attention during its last bubble, so I’m not convinced that the next Bitcoin Boom will see a far greater percent increase in the new stable price.

With the graph below I put the next Bitcoin Boom to create a new stable price with an increase in 392% (slightly above the last Bitcoin Boom of 387%), which puts the new stable Bitcoin price around $3000 per Bitcoin. I believe the $580-600 mark is the new stable Bitcoin price, meaning that in the next 31-59 days is when the trend would dictate a new Bitcoin price bubble. After the bubble pops the price would then come down to the new stable Bitcoin price of $3000 between August 2014 and March of 2015.

Click on the Image to view a larger version.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 8-2014

Bitcoin Price Prediction 8-2014

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