Smite – Free to Play MOBA in a Third Person View

Smite is a free-to-play online game that resembles DOTA. It is designed by the game development company Hi-Rez Studios, and relies on gem purchases to help keep itself afloat.

Smite Free to Play MOBA

Smite Free to Play MOBA

The Gods

Smite uses a variety of different gods that players can utilize within the game. There are five unlocked with new accounts:

  • Guan Yu – Warrior
  • Ra – Mage
  • Thor – Assassin
  • Neith – Hunter
  • Ymir – Guardian

Along with these, there are also rotating gods that can be accessed freely by all players. As of this writing these include:

  • Hades – Guardian
  • Hercules – Warrior
  • Kali – Assassin
  • Scylla – Mage
  • Xbalanque – Hunter

There are also other gods that are released within the game that can be obtained by purchasing gems, allowing for a customized experience. This allows for absolutely free play for those that are content with the free characters, and more enhanced play for those that are willing to front a little bit of money to help the game continue running.

The Classes

Smite has a total of five different classes. These are as follows:

  • Mage: Mages rely on magical attacks for their damage, and they are based mostly around burst damage and deal ranged damage
  • Hunter: Hunters rely on ranged skills and base attacks, and deal physical damage
  • Assassin: Assassins deal quick damage through up-close base attacks. They lack defense and rely on timing and planning on attacks to account for this
  • Guardians: Guardians have low damage and have extremely high defense, health and crowd control abilities
  • Warrior: Warriors do less damage than Assassins and are less durable than Warriors, and are seen as being a median between the two roles

Competing in the MOBA Genre

Smite is posed to compete in the MOBA genre against games like DOTA and League of Legends. Through a free game that is financed via micro-transactions and uses a similar style of play, making the transition from one of the existing games over to Smite is quick and easy.

While Smite is a lot like DOTA and League of Legends, it does bring about a unique feature: it has a third-person view. This enhances the ability to stage lane ganks due to the limited visibility of only the field directly in front of you, and offers up the feeling of almost being present (rather than an omniscient feeling of the traditional overhead view of the map). This unique perspective is definitely a game changer!


Smite is a free-to-play game that has many gods that can be played. These come with familiar names (like Hercules), making the game pretty easy to understand for those that have experience with the different gods and what their powers are from mythology. For those that are willing to help support the game with money, even more options open up in terms of gods, although it is not necessary to spend anything to enjoy the game.

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