Make Bitcoins by Day Trading Altcoins

Mintpal Bitcoin Exchange

On the Bitcointalk forum, I often see beginners asking how to earn Bitcoin. The usual advice is to provide a service, sell some old unwanted stuff on sites like Cryptothrift, do the signature campaigns and do some trading on exchanges. The thing about exchanges is that you already need to have a decent amount of […]

Make Bitcoins with Website Advertising


So you have a blog you want to monetize with advertising. What’s the first thing you do? Check out Google Adsense and a few halfway decent affiliate programs, right? These options can be decent if you can get the traffic, though the problem with Adsense is that I’ve heard horror stories about publishers getting ripped […]

Bitcoins and Altcoins


Bitcoin first came about several years ago, and most of you know what it is, already. But have you heard of the infamous Dogecoin or Litecoin? Both inspired by Bitcoin, these two alternate cryptocurrencies, nicknamed “altcoins” are rocking the market with big waves. Bitcoin: The one and only original, digital cryptocurrency. The basis from which […]