FDIC Operation “Choke Point” – Could Bitcoin be the Answer?

Operation Choke Point

The U.S. House of Representatives committee on oversight and government reform released a staff report on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) involvement in the “Operation Choke Point” on December 8th, 2014. This report details how the FDIC is bullying payment processors and banks to stop working with many legitimate services that the FDIC doesn’t […]

How Bitcoin is Similar to Early Public Opinion of Computers and the Internet

letterman and gates - Bitcoin similar to computer and internet

The following is a quick rundown of an interview performed by David Letterman of Bill Gates during 1995 on the topic of computers and how it is similar to the disruptive technology of Bitcoin. Near the beginning of the interview Letterman asked Bill Gates what his vision was in regards to computers and Gates responded, […]

Reserve Bank of India Gov. Rajan Pro-Bitcoin

indian reserve bank pro-bitcoin

On 12/27/14 Governor Raghuram Rajan of the Reserve Bank of India had a pro-bitcoin stance during an audience question in regards to the future of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in India. During the interview Rajan stated, “I have no doubt that some time in the future we will have a cashless society, and currencies like […]

Whales and Bitcoin Price Suppression – Why it Matters

Dead Bitcoin Whale 10-5-14

Whales and Bitcoin Price Suppression – Why it Matters Bitcoin is often seen as being an investment vehicle, despite being treated like a currency. As more people buy in and out of the cryptocurrency, the value of it rises and falls. This may be due to news or findings related to the coin’s protocol, but […]

Bitcoin Price Collapse 9/19/14

bitcoin collapse 9-19-14

The recent collapse in Bitcoin’s value is one more reminder of the volatility involved in cryptocurrencies. It’s also a reminder of human nature: Everybody loves something when it’s up, but even Bitcointalk users will act disillusioned at times when it’s way down. Perhaps people are simply forgetting one of the first rules of investing. Buy […]

Bitcoin Growth, Volatility and “Pre-IPO” status

Bitcoin Growth Volatility and Pre-IPO

Bitcoin is a somewhat new cryptocurrency (compared to the currencies we are already used to), and while it has a lot of similarities to businesses and stocks, there are some differences as well that you should be aware of if you plan to get involved and invest. Bitcoin’s Growth is Normal Bitcoin’s growth, while people […]

Make Bitcoins by Day Trading Altcoins

Mintpal Bitcoin Exchange

On the Bitcointalk forum, I often see beginners asking how to earn Bitcoin. The usual advice is to provide a service, sell some old unwanted stuff on sites like Cryptothrift, do the signature campaigns and do some trading on exchanges. The thing about exchanges is that you already need to have a decent amount of […]

Make Bitcoins with Website Advertising


So you have a blog you want to monetize with advertising. What’s the first thing you do? Check out Google Adsense and a few halfway decent affiliate programs, right? These options can be decent if you can get the traffic, though the problem with Adsense is that I’ve heard horror stories about publishers getting ripped […]

Bitcoins and Altcoins


Bitcoin first came about several years ago, and most of you know what it is, already. But have you heard of the infamous Dogecoin or Litecoin? Both inspired by Bitcoin, these two alternate cryptocurrencies, nicknamed “altcoins” are rocking the market with big waves. Bitcoin: The one and only original, digital cryptocurrency. The basis from which […]

Bitcoin Price Prediction August 2014 Through March 2015

Bitcoin Price Prediction 8-2014

After conducting a small amount of chart analysis of the Bitcoin price on Bitstamp since 2012 I’ve found a few trends that the Bitcoin price tends to follow. The first trend is that each Bitcoin price spike rises very quickly and then flattens out over a period of 214 days, creating the new base price. […]